Clock Shavings
The True Story of the Ordo Lapsit Exillis

Clock Shavings

Tracy R. Twyman, From a ‘Baphomet Proposal Show’ letter
December 2017

     “I would say that, throughout the centuries in which people have been writing about the Templars, the vast majority of the authors of influential works on the subject have essentially acted as spokesmen for the OTO or some Masonic faction, whether wittingly or not, because you find their association with these groups in their biographies. This is more true today than ever, and it only stands to reason: these are the types of people most willing to invest time into researching and writing about this subject. Following the political trends of the times, academia and mass market publishing have both become increasingly liberal, anti-traditionalist, anti-aristocracy, and anti-church, on a steady arc that has continued from the Enlightenment era to the present day. So when writers and their publishers are dealing with the subject of the Templars, the prevailing impulse is to deny any evil or criminality associated with the Templars. To do less would be counterrevolutionary and un-PC

     The Masonic lodges and OTO groups encourage this viewpoint, wishing to avoid guilt by association with the group they claim lineage from, but without dispelling the mystery of the Templars completely, which brings in new recruits. In fact, most of the “mystique” of the Templars and their alleged knowledge of occult secrets comes from Mason-affiliated writers trying to perpetuate the myth of the Knights without acknowledging criminal wrongdoing or perversity in Templar rites. With the falsity of the charges considered established, they then come up with theory after theory about what kind of secret mystical wisdom the Templars must have been privy to that caused the authorities to persecute them so “unfairly.” This is how the Templars are always portrayed on TV documentary shows.” 

Clock Shavings
The True Story of the Ordo Lapsit Exillis
By Tracy R. Twyman

   In a dank basement in Denver, Colorado, in the summer of 2001, a group of friends attempted to contact a dead French artist on the Ouija board as part of a research project about the Holy Grail.

   They were hoping to get help decoding an historic occult mystery pertaining to the royal bloodline of France. They had no idea they were opening a portal to Hell.

   What followed was a 13-year adventure into the supernatural, trailing mysterious clues given to them from beyond the veil.

   Join Tracy, Brian, and the brethren of the Ordo Lapsit Exillis, as they explore the secrets of Freemasonry, the Knights Templar, the Priory of Sion, and the Apocalypse, gleaned from the ghostly lips of artist Jean Cocteau, Cain the Murderer, Baphomet the Goat, Lucifer the Lightbearer, and Satan himself.

   Initiate yourself into the hidden gnosis of the underworld, the Black Sun, the Ark of the Covenant, the Crucifixion, the Deluge, fallen angels, the war in Heaven, and the coming reign of the Anti-Christ, as told by spirits who are in a position to know.

   Learn the secrets of the demons trapped in the Abyss down below. Discover how they plan to return to Earth, and reign once more through the coming of a powerful king.

   Now, and only now, at this late hour, can this sub rosa information be told to the public. The window of revealing shall be agape but for a short time. Read less


Exordium: Ab Initio OLE
Chapter 1: Testament of Cocteau
Chapter 2: See the Sun
Chapter 3: The Second Square
Chapter 4: The Dohir Kings
Chapter 5: I Reap All the Wealth
Chapter 6: The Curse of the Nemes
Chapter 7: Learning to Know
Chapter 8: Kettle is Black
Chapter 9: MemoryMask
Chapter 10: Apocalypsis Baphometis
Chapter 11: Operation DoubleCross
Chapter 12: Order Out of Chaos
Chapter 13: Strange Service Terminus: Further and Beyond

Questions for Tracy R. Twyman about her book Clock Shavings

Q; What sort of things have you written about in the past? How does this book differ from your other works?

A; I will talk about how my books in the past have been about historical mysteries and esoteric history. This is my first published “memoir.” However, it explains how I got some of the ideas I’ve used for particular angles in my research and writing.

Q: How did you get started using the ouija board as a research tool for exploring historic and esoteric mysteries?

A: I’ll tell the story of contacting dead French artist Jean Cocteau to research the Holy Grail and a secret society called the Priory of Sion. Then I will mention how Cocteau referred us to someone else for the answers to our questions: Cain, the villain of Genesis.

Q: Was there a marked difference between the spirits of Cain and Cocteau in the way that they communicated? What kind of results did you get from that?

A: I will talk about how we got a much stronger response from Cain, as he was able to give us much more complete answers. We started getting real information – with complete English words, as well as words in Sumerian.

Q: Did your conversations evolve beyond the Holy Grail and Priory of Sion subjects?

A: Yes, Cain started telling us an alternative history of the pre-diluvian world: What happened to cause the deluge, the fall of Adam and Eve from Eden, and what he termed the “fall of Atlantis.”

Q: Where was Cain speaking to you from? Did he describe what things are like on the other side, where he is?

A: Cain told us that he was speaking to us from the center of the Earth, where he is trapped in a “prison” and in a state of death-like sleep. He told us many details about the underworld and its relationship to our world.

Q: Didn’t Cain tell you about the alleged origins of the game of chess?

A: Yes, he told us that chess was based on an ancient game, which he called “Ageio.” He told us it was based a war between him and his own children that led to the “fall of Eden.” He said that the original game was ritual in nature, not competitive, and was used to achieve magical purposes: to change reality through alchemy. We used a chessboard and had him dictate the moves to us so that he could show us how to play.

Q; Did you eventually speak to other spirits besides Cain and Cocteau?

A: Yes, Cain referred us to the spirit of “Baphomet” instead. This is the demon that the Knights Templar were accused of worshipping during the crusades. He told us Baphomet had placed a curse on us and that we needed to talk to him to figure out how to get rid of it. That was the beginning of wisdom: we got tons of amazing information from Baphomet over the next several years.

Q: What did Baphomet say he was? There are theories that the Templars had possession of the head of John the Baptist, and that this was their idol called “Baphomet” that they worshipped in secret rituals.

A: Yes, Baphomet told us that he identified himself with this relic, the head of John, and that it was now located in Istanbul. In fact, there is a purported “head of John” at the Sophia church in Istanbul, something we did not know at the time

Q; The board you have been using to talk to these spirits looks nothing like a regular Ouija board. What are the differences and how did you come about this design?

A: The board was designed by my late husband Brian under spontaneous influence from the spirit of Baphomet one morning after a night of Ouija consultations. Our conversations with spirits became much more fluid and fruitful once we started using it. In addition to having many extra symbols available to ease communication, it also has the letters arranged in a circle, and the letters are arranged in a different order than the alphabet, based on an alphabet code that Baphomet kept repeating to us. We only found out later that this code and alphabet arrangement is what is known as the “Atbash cipher.” As it turns out, people have been speculating for decades that the word “Baphomet” is a code for “Sophia (divine wisdom),” which is what you get when you run it through the Atbash cipher. This idea was even mentioned in The Da Vinci Code).

Q: Did you find the information you were getting from the spirits to be entirely useful? Did they lie or give you incorrect information? Were there questions that they couldn’t answer?

A: Yes, there were lies, and some wrong answers, and many unanswered questions. But the usefulness of the leads I did get from them far outweighed my frustration with these other problems.

Q: Did the spirits teach you other things besides details of history and esoterica?

A: Yes, we were given information about how to perform rituals to achieve magical effects. We performed some of the rites dictated to us. The information given does appear to describe exactly what ceremonial magicians do. However, most of our rituals did not seem to have much effect on physical reality.

Q: Didn’t you have your own secret society that was connected with these Ouija adventures?

A: Yes, we already had a club called “Ordo Lapsit Exillis” (based on a term from Wolfram von Eschenbach’s version of the story of Parzival) when we started talking to Cocteau. After we formed a relationship with Baphomet, we eventually made him the “outer head” (spiritual leader) of our order, and opened it up to membership from the public. Baphomet gave us instructions about how to run the order and what he wanted to do with it.

Q: Did you find talking to spirits scary, and do you regret it?

A: There were some scary times, and a few things I regret doing upon the advice of the spirits. But in general I got fantastic information that I wouldn’t have been able to get otherwise. Also, it’s exciting to me, and I am an adventurous person. 

A Summarizing Review

By: Brian E. Erland
January 3, 2015
Regarding: Clock Shavings

 Tracy Renee Twyman has written a book that is unlike anything I've ever encountered. You might think it odd that I use the word `encountered' instead of the more expected `read', but there's a reason. You see I discerned something more than just a book here; there is a living presence, other than the author, residing within these printed pages. You will recognize this presence as a disquieting sensation that paradoxically pushes the reader away, while simultaneously pulling them deeper into the mysteries waiting within. At first you will sense a cautionary impulse, an interior warning to discontinue reading. However if you are willing to fight through this innate defense mechanism before long this feeling will give way to a deep fascination that will override that initial impulse. With that said, welcome to the stout of heart. Welcome to the world of Clock Shavings'!

 Since this book is autobiographical in nature I feel certain that the author is more than just aware of this dichotomous fear vs. fascination process I am referring to. Unquestionably she has moved in some of the darker corners of the esoteric, occult world where the more cautious and timid amongst us dare not go. Such being the case she has become intimate with particular people, groups and spiritual practices that have opened her mind and soul to non-physical dimensions and entities that may have agendas that are not in mankind's best interests. Thankfully some people just don't know what's good for them.

 Throwing caution to the wind Tracy takes the reader on a remarkable journey of mythic proportions involving a quest undertaken by her newly founded secret society, `Ordo Lapsit Exillis' (Stones of Exile). Operating under a stated goal of discovering the true nature of the holy grail and exactly how it functions within the esoteric history and contemporary descendants of the royal bloodline of France. A lineage which allegedly includes Jesus of Nazareth and Mary Magdalene within its line of progenitors. Aided by her best friend and husband Brian, Tracy's quest oscillates between objective intellectual research and subjective personal experience. The first leading to the publishing of the now defunct underground classic zine (self-published magazine), `Dagobert's Revenge' and the latter to a specially designed Ouija board used to successfully contact the infamous goat-headed god Baphomet along with a number of other nefarious disembodied spirits.

 Believe me when I say you will not be able to put this book down. Between the highly charged channeled material, the internal politics and intense egos warring within the OLE (Ordo Lapsit Exillis) and the arcane material presented you're in for quite a ride. If you enjoy exploring such topics as; Grail lore, numerology, divination, alchemy, etymology, sacred geometry, mythology, Satanism, Kabbalah, secret societies, the Nephilim, lost civilizations, Christian eschatology, UFO's, reptilians and the hollow earth then this is the book for you.

 The final section of the book; "Terminus: Further and Beyond" (pages 252 - 418) functions in true interdisciplinary fashion presenting a dazzling comparative analysis and synthesis of the material presented, as well as some final thoughts & personal reflections from Tracy. This section is by far the most intellectually demanding portion of the book and will require the reader's utmost attention.

 Whether you regard Tracy's interests and actions as being fearless or foolhardy, her inquisitive nature and research oriented pursuits have led to the creation of an amazing document. The authors firsthand accounts with preternatural entities coupled with her intellectual prowess within a wide range of esoteric fields have successfully coalesced in `Clock Shavings' into what just might be her Magnum Opus (Great Work). I predict that in the years to come this will be recognized as the book that summoned Baphomet out from the dusty pages of Templar history and veiled allusions of Freemasonry into the contemporary occult landscape as a conscious, aggressive personality to be dealt with. For good or ill, Baphomet once again moves amongst us! Read less

Book Cover Back: Baphometic Excerpts & Other ArticlesBook Cover Front: Baphometic Excerpts & Other Articles

Baphometic Excerpts & Other Articles

 A Posthumous Publication of Tracy R. Twyman by Mystagogue Publications.

Paperback Size 7"x10", Printed with Premium Color.

  Baphometic Excerpts & Other Articles is a collection of excerpts compiled by Tracy R. Twyman and previously published on her website, from both of her books Clock Shavings, and Baphomet: The Temple Mystery Unveiled. Also, the collection includes other articles written by Tracy pertaining to both books, and to Mysterium Baphometis Revelatum Translation and her work on the subject.

  These three books do represent one of the most important phases in Tracy's writing and research career after Dagobert's Revenge Magazine revolution and success at her very early age (Tracy was at age 17 years old when initiated Dagobert's Revenge Magazine) . They are the results of years of research and multiple attempts to create a magnum opus regarding the subject of Baphomet. These three books are more of a mature effort and a final conclusive statement Tracy was able to state to the world regarding the meaning of the 'entity' Baphomet.

  Included in this collection is Tracy's rare article “I Reap all the Wealth”: The Hidden Magical Properties of Chess, which was the first work Tracy wrote about Baphomet and Ageio, claiming the information was given to her by an 'old lady' instead of revealing her metaphysical methods in obtaining and communicating information.

**[Reconstructed Articles]: These articles are lost in their original form. Yet, the RSS Feeds show the first lines of these articles. Thus, publisher did copy these excerpts from the proper place in Tracy’s book Meet Mete: An Introduction to Mysterium Baphometis Revelatum with liberty and matching the articles’ titles subjects.


Excerpts From Clock Shavings
 • Year Zero, The Cubic Stone, The New Jerusalem, And The Pillars Of Heaven: Excerpts From Clock Shavings
 • Chess, Ageio And The Second Square: Excerpts From Clock Shavings
 • Alchemical Ageio Symbolism In Dali’s “Corpus Hypercubus”?
 • The Gospel According To Baphomet: Excerpts From Clock Shavings
 • The Apocalypse Of Baphomet: Excerpts From Clock Shavings
 • The Bread Of Heaven, The Water Of Life, And The Plant Of Immortality: Excerpts From Clock Shavings
 • The Scholomance And Fishing For Men: Excerpts From Clock Shavings And Regnum In Potentia
 • “I Reap All The Wealth”: The Hidden Magical Properties Of Chess
 • The True Meaning Of ‘Clock Shavings': A Letter From A Reader
 • Q: Why Is My New Book Called Clock Shavings?
 • Questions For Tracy R. Twyman About Her Book Clock Shavings
 • Timeless Wisdom Of The Picatrix

Excerpt From Baphomet: The Temple Mystery Unveiled
 • Let The Heavens Fall: The Rites Of Destruction
 • The Real Meaning Of The Baptism Of Wisdom: Excerpt From Baphomet: The Temple Mystery Unveiled   • The Kaaba, The Dome Of The Rock And Solomon’s Temple In Masonic Templar Traditions
 • John, The Head Of Prophecy
 • John The Baptist As The Baphometic Wild Man
 • The Goat-Faced Wild Man
 • The Secret Templar Rule And The Book Of The Baptism Of Fire
 • Hermes, Sabians, And Islam. Traditions Of Hermes In Islamic And Pre-Islamic Sources
 • Cathars And Cat Worship
Mysterium Baphometis Articles
• Press Release: American Writers Find Alleged “Templar Artifacts” Relating To “Baphomet” Hiding In Plain Sight At British Museum
• Found Again: The “Templar Artifacts” Of Hammer-Purgstall
• A Letter To Jesse
• Hammer-Purgstall Video Script
• The Chinon Parchment And The Church Apologia On The Templars
• The Biscione And The Mystery Of The Various Ottos–Sea Monsters, Templars, European Royalty & Scaligerian Chronology: Excerpts From Meet Mete [Reconstructed Article]
• Was Baphomet A Golem Animated By Sperm, Sigils, And Incantations?: Excerpts From Meet Mete [Reconstructed Article]
• The Alerion, The Fleur-De-Lys, The House Of Lorraine, The Evil Eye, And The Flying Penis God Who Spawned A Royal Race: Excerpts From Meet Mete [Reconstructed Article] 

      Published on Print by Mystagogue Publications 

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Hardcover Edition

Baphometic Excerpts and Other Articles
Baphometic Excerpts and Other Articles
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